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Kayleighs Keepsakes

Wax Melt Snap Bars

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The perfect addition for our personalised gift bags!! These stunning wax melt snap bars are highly scented and full of colour, shimmer and sparkle! They can be easily broken into cubes so you can choose your desired amount. We recommend 1-4 squares at a time depending on how strong you’d like the scent throw.

One wax melt bar will give you over 50 hours of strong, luxurious fragrance.

Melts can be used with both electric and tea light burners – Tea light burners will throw a stronger scent – however, many of our customers say they cannot tell the difference!
They are created with the highest quality materials, tried and tested to perfection! They all come labelled with safety information that meets CLP guidelines.

Scents do not have any links with designer or trademarked brands, all fragrances are types/dupes. They do not contain any sweets, perfumes or softeners.