About Us

My name is Kayleigh, my small business journey started in 2016 when I made a scrabble frame and put a photo up on my Facebook page, I got lot's of great feedback and took some orders over the Christmas period. Working from a small computer desk in my spare room I started to get more orders and realised I can make a business from this! I joined Etsy in 2016 and before I knew it I was making and packing orders on a daily basis. I branched out to my garage with the help from my partner (Sean).

I am self-taught and learned everything I know through practice, I design all of my products through different types of software and use a wide range of printers and machinery to produce items, My range has grown massively and it has been quite a learning curve over the years, but I still love every second of it.

Our little company has grown since then and needed some help to fulfil orders, so we moved again and got an extra pair of hands! We are constantly designing and making new products for you to love keep and cherish forever!

Kayleigh xox